I have a problem.  I have too many dishes that I would like to make and blog about but I just don’t have the time do them all.  Now with the freaking time change I’ve got even less daylight to get all my cooking done.  Not that I’m scared of the dark, it just makes it harder to get good pictures for my blog and if you don’t have pics as proof, it didn’t happen.  Anyway, back to my Too Many Dishes issue.  Today I’m cooking up Discada, a meat feast that I have been wanting to make for a long time.

Discada a Meat-a-poloza
I thought this disco-dish was going to be easy until I started cutting up all the ingredients. I was slicing bell peppers, onions, jalapeño, bacon, and flank steak for almost an hour.  My knife skills are pretty good, but next time I’m breaking out the food processor.  
Chorizo frying in the Disc-It
With all  ingredients sliced and ready to cook, I fired up the Disc-it.  The first meat to hit the dance floor was the chorizo. After a few minutes the chorizo was done and I pushed it off to the edge of the disc then brought in the next meat.
The next up was the bacon.  No meat-a-palooza would be complete without bacon would it?  Honestly I think I skimped on the bacon, next time I’m using more. Once the bacon was done I pushed it of to the cooler side of the disc to make room for the headliner, Skirt Steak!
Skirt Steak
I started with one very large skirt steak, approximately 2 Lbs, sliced into strips.  When cutting up the skirt steak I was sure to cut across the grain of the meat or this meal would be un-chewable.  Once the meat had started to brown it was time to bring the chorizo and bacon in from the sidelines.  As the meats all simmered together the beef became infused with the spice of the chorizo and smokey flavor of the bacon.
Onion & Jalapeños
The final addition was the onions, jalapeños, and bell peppers that I spent so long slicing.  The onions and jalapeños were first and once they had cooked down I added the rainbow of bell peppers.  I only cooked for a few more minutes so the peppers retained most of their fresh crispness.
For all the time I spent slicing, cutting and chopping, it took only 30 minutes to cook the entire dish.  Then I think it took all of 10 minutes to eat my first giant soft taco filled with this delicious meat & peppers mixture.  In that first bite I could taste the beef, the chorizo, the smoky bacon and the sweet bell peppers, then came the heat from the jalapeños.  Oh it was so good, but since you all couldn’t be here for dinner you will just have to settle for the pics.  Drool on my friends….drool on.
Discada in the Disc-It

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  1. The time change has kicked off my timing too. I actually cooked inside last night, that is how bad it is, ha ha.

    Your fajitas look wonderfully good. I can almost smell them!

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