Testgiving is a Special Time….

In the tradition of new holidays such as Festivus and International Moink Ball Day, I’m starting my own…Testgiving.  It all began several years ago when I cooked a turkey on my grill as practice for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Since you can’t have a turkey without gravy, dressing, and all the other fixings, the meal quickly turned into a culinary dress rehearsal for the big day. 
Smoked Turkey
Like I said, we’ve been cooking up a practice dinner for several years, but our little soiree did not have an official title, it was just called “practice”.  I believe it was my sister in law, Trissi, that coined the term Testgiving (she’s so cleaver), and so our new holiday was born. She may have named it, but it’s still my party.
Turkey Feast!
This year we started planning our scrimmage feast in early October.  Must be something about the change of seasons that makes me crave a hearty meal of turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings.  Although we had our Testgiving this past Sunday, I’m thinking, for an annual event, it should be the 3rdSunday each October. I don’t want to compete with the miniature panhandlers running amok on Halloween and a month should be plenty of time to recover from the culinary obstacle course of Testgiving and gear up for the real deal.                                                                                                                                                                  
Smoking a Turkey on the Big Green Egg
I’m officially declaring the 3rd Sunday in October 2012, and every year thereafter, will be officially known as Testgiving.  The sole purpose of the holiday will be to cook a practice Thanksgiving dinner, but you don’t have to wait till next year.  If you decide to cook up your own Testgiving dinner take some pics and send them over.  I would love to see what you’re cooking.  So dust off those old recipes or search the internet for some new ones and get cooking, because one Thanksgiving meal a year is just not enough.  Who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “Testgiving is a Special Time….

  1. What better way to celebrate thanksgiving than to have a barbecue. And let us not forget, turkey is the star of the season. So cooks, it's time to start smoking those grills.

  2. This was my first visit to your blog. I arrived here by chance but had such a good time I decided to browse through your earlier entries. Bottom line ….I'll be back. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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