How to Keep Your Job During the Great Recession

In today’s tough economy you can’t leave anything to chance. I’m pretty good at my job, but these days I’m not sure that is good enough. Once in a while I like to show off some of my intangible skills, so to ensure my continued employment I decided to cook breakfast burritos for my co-workers. 
Breakfast Burritos made on the Disc-It
Green Chile Turkey Sausage Ingredients
A few days before, I mixed up a batch of Green Chile Turkey Sausage.
Green Chile Turkey Sausage
1 Pound of Ground Turkey
2-3 Tablespoons of Green Chile
1 Tablespoon of AlbuKirky Green Chile BBQ Rub
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, cover, and refrigerate overnight.
Friday was burrito day and I was up early prepping the ingredients. I started by chopping fresh potatoes, grating asadero cheese and scrambling 16 fresh eggs. All of this breakfast goodness was going to be wrapped up in a big fresh flour tortilla.
Frying up potatoes and turkey sausage on the Disc-It
Now, I could have made these burritos on the stove in the comfort of my warm kitchen and no one would ever know. But this is an outdoor cooking blog, so I took my ingredients outside into the brisk autumn morning and fired up the Disc-It.  There must be some sort of culinary magic in the disc because I swear my breakfast burritos always taste better when cooked on the Disc-It.
Scrambling Eggs on the Disc-It
Once my burritos were cooked, wrapped and packed, I headed off to work.  I was running a little behind, but I had the best excuse ever for being late.  I got to work and my coworkers have never been so happy to see me.  They were a little grumpy because they were getting hungry. That just means the burritos will taste that much better.
Happy Co-Workers, Lynn, Virginia and my boss Paul
The burritos were a big hit. I enjoyed cooking them as much as everyone enjoyed eating them.  I’m not saying that burritos will keep me from getting laid off or fired, but it can’t hurt. Anyone can buy a dozen donuts and bring them into the office, but it takes real gumption to cook up fresh hot breakfast burritos.     

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