The Family Just Got a Little Bigger.

It was a year ago that I had just lost my job and my professional career was looking pretty bleak. The economy was not looking to good and I thought I would never find another job and I was not sure I wanted to even look for one.  But I did have some recipes for some rubs and a BBQ sauce coupled with a passion for grilling and barbequing. That was all I needed and AlbuKirky Seasonings was born. 
NY Stip Seasoned with SPG and Butter
Today I’m happy to announce our newest seasoning, SPG.  SPG is a blend of sea salt, black pepper, garlic and a few other secret spices. This mix of spices may be simple but the flavors are any but.  Don’t get me wrong all of my rubs are good, but when I’m grilling a steak or cooking a prime rib I season it with SPG. When I buy an expensive cut of beef I want to taste beef and I want my seasoning to bring out the natural flavors.  The SPG seasoning does just that.
To celebrate the latest addition to my product line and the anniversary of AlbuKirky Seasonings all of my rubs and sauce are just $5/bottle. It’s been a great year I just want to share my happiness and success with the people who have supported me.  Thanks to everyone for following my blog and purchasing my products.  I hope that you enjoy them as much I have enjoyed creating them. Visit the AlbuKirky Seasonings online store to order.
Steak cooked to perfection.

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