It’s Here!! The AlbuKirky Ribwich!!!

Well it’s that time of year again, and I’m no referring to the holidays.  It the return of the McRib and the plethora of faux barbecue sandwiches.  Recently I saw that Burger King has been pimping a “rib” sandwich thats just a pork patty with some barbecue sauce.  Don’t even get me started on the pull pork abomination at subway.  I … More It’s Here!! The AlbuKirky Ribwich!!!

Buttercup and sweet potato casserole…as you wish

Sweet potatoes…its a simple root vegetable that graces the table every Thanksgiving. Sometimes they are roasted, sometimes they are covered in marshmallow…but they are always there, to basically give us an excuse to eat something that tastes like dessert as a dinner side.I was tasked with the goal of finding a new sweet potato dish … More Buttercup and sweet potato casserole…as you wish

Pillsbury Schmillsbury, Crescent Rolls from Scratch

“Turkey for me, Turkey for you.  Let’s eat turkey in a big brown shoe.”  (More fun with Adam Sandler.) Cheryl here with another recipe from Saturday’s Testgiving Extravaganza.  We’re all very familiar with a certain tubby, doughy, bread-in-a-tube mascot, as he’s a frequent attendee at lots of Thanksgiving gatherings, but we revoked his invite to … More Pillsbury Schmillsbury, Crescent Rolls from Scratch

Brats in Beer

If you didn’t already know, today was National Bratwurst Day! A whole day dedicated to the German sausage that has become an American favorite.  I don’t know why they picked August 16th.  I think a Sunday in October in the heart of football season would be a much better choice, but I’m not on the food holiday … More Brats in Beer

Trailer Trash Shortcake

Trailer Trash Shortcake With last week’s  triumphant return of the Twinkie I thought I would share with you one of my favorite Twinkie serving suggestions.  I call it the Trailer Trash Shortcake or to be politically correct, manufactured home shortcake. The TT Shortcake is very simple, slice a twinkie length-wise and open to expose the sweet creamy … More Trailer Trash Shortcake