It’s Here!! The AlbuKirky Ribwich!!!

Well it’s that time of year again, and I’m no referring to the holidays.  It the return of the McRib and the plethora of faux barbecue sandwiches.  Recently I saw that Burger King has been pimping a “rib” sandwich thats just a pork patty with some barbecue sauce.  Don’t even get me started on the pull pork abomination at subway.  I could rant all day about this culinary injustice but I have a better idea. I going to make make my own rib sandwich, perfectly season with a sweet version of my BBQ Rub, smoked over real hardwood charcoal, basted with my Duke City Sweet sauce all on top of a homemade hoagie roll.  Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than me listening to me bitch and ranting?? 

The AlbuKirky Ribwich

I started with a boneless loin back rib.  I picked these up at Sam’s Club for $15 for a pack of two.  Why cook one, when you can cook two and have left overs, right?  This is the first time I have tried this cut of meat.  It does come from the rib area but it is a little leaner and does not have a bone, so it’s not going to be as flavorful as a rib but for my purposes it will be fine.

Boneless Loin Back Ribs

I decided to go sweet with my ribwich, so I mixed up a sweeter version of my BBQ Rub,  2 parts AlbuKirky BBQ Rub to 1 part turbinado sugar.  I gave the meat a good coating of canola oil and then followed with a heavy seasoning of the sweet rub mixture. Then covered and placed it back in the fridge to marinate for a few hours.

Bonless Ribs Seasoned and ready for the smoker

I wanted to impart as much smoke as I could to this slab o’pork, so I slow cooked them at 225º for about 2 1/2 hours.  This is not very thick piece of pork, so any hotter it would have cooked too fast. I used a mix of Royal Oak Charcoal and a couple of chunks of apple wood for sweet, mild smoke. During the last 1/2 hour of the cook I basted the meat with my Duke City Sweet BBQ sauce every few minutes and really let the sauce cook into the pork.  Then flipped the meat and repeated. 

Smokey & Saucy!!

Now the the best part, sandwich assembly. Every great sandwich starts with a fresh bread and it doesn’t get any fresher than Cheryl’s homemade hoagies rolls hot from the oven.  I cut two thick pieces of the boneless ribs laid them down on the bottom bun. Next came a generous pour of Duke City Sweet BBQ Sauce, followed by fresh sliced onion, dill pickles and a few pickled jalapeños for a little kick.  When all was said and done, the AlbuKirky Ribwich was absolutely spectacular, it tasted just like a BBQ rib is supposed to taste.  This one is definitely going into rotation.

After consuming two Ribwiches I’m less enraged by the commercial for those crappy sandwiches, now they justt make me hungry for another one of my Ribwiches. So next you think your craving a McRib, cook up a Ribwich, it’s a lot more satisfying.  Be sure check back later this week, Cheryl will be posting her Hoagie Roll Recipe!

Hot Fesh Hoagie Buns by Mrs AlbuKirky

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