Smoking Hot Butts

Hope you like the catchy title, but we’re talking about pork butts here, so get your mind out of the gutter.  Anyway, I was cooking up some pork butts for a little party we had last weekend.  Just for fun I decided to check my blog for any old pork butt recipes and realized I … More Smoking Hot Butts

Grill Ready?

Over the years I have purchase many BBQ tools and I’m sad to say most of them were crap.  But through trial and error I have assemble a collection of essential grilling tools I use to get the job done. This week I thought I would share with you the tools that I use to grill & … More Grill Ready?

Fiesta de Fajitas!!!

While the rest of America was cooking up chicken wings and nachos, I was cooking up beefylicous fajitas.  Wings are nice, but beef trumps chicken every time. These fajitas were extra special, because the Mrs. made homemade flour tortillas.    Fajitas I used a choice grade flap steak for my fajitas; skirt and flank steaks also … More Fiesta de Fajitas!!!