Brats in Beer

If you didn’t already know, today was National Bratwurst Day! A whole day dedicated to the German sausage that has become an American favorite.  I don’t know why they picked August 16th.  I think a Sunday in October in the heart of football season would be a much better choice, but I’m not on the food holiday committee. Maybe I’ll write them a disapproving letter.

Brat Feast!

So, for years I just bought any old bratwurst and threw it on the grill; I never really put much thought or effort into it.  But now I’m that I’ve become a serious foodie that kind of half assed effort just ain’t going to cut it anymore. I need to take it to the next level and show off my culinary prowess, right??

Beer & Brats

To take it up a notch I bought some real fresh brats in natural casings from the butcher case. But thats only 1/2 the way there, I needed to improve upon the cooking process as well.  I’ve heard the best way to cook brats was to simmer them in beer before grilling so I decided to give it a shot.  I picked a up a six pack of premium beer bottled by a local micro-brewery, Marble Brewery Indian Pale Ale.  I didn’t skimp on the bratwurst and I wasn’t going to skimp on the beer either.

Brats in Beer.

I filled up my handy dutch oven with 3 bottles of beer and dropped the brats in to simmer for a good 10 minutes. After the simmer I pulled them out and grilled them for another 10 minutes or so.  I rolled the brats every few minutes to get that delicious browning all the way around the sausage.  The grilling also gave the brats a sweet kiss of smoke.

Grilling Brats!

To accompany our German sausage fest the Mrs. cooked up some amazing homemade German noodles.  I’ll try to talk her into sharing the recipe, but I’m not making any promises. I know i sound like broken record when I say this was the best _____ I’v ever cooked, but it was true.  The brats were absolutely fantastic, simmering them in beer added a really nice flavor kept them from drying out during the grilling.  Then grilling over lump charcoal added light kiss of smoke flavor.  Now that I’ve gone up a notch, I don’t think there is anyway I can good back down.  I’m going to have to cook my brats like this from here on out.

2 thoughts on “Brats in Beer

  1. I love brats! I like them like this but I also like them grilled straight over a raised grid on the Egg at about 300f.

    Happy Brat Day!

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