Don’t Let Your Meat Loaf

Recently I’ve had a craving for meat loaf.  I don’t know why, it’s never been one of my go-to comfort foods, but I wasn’t just going to throw a pound of ground beef in a loaf pan and douse it with ketchup and call it good.  No, if I was going to make meat loaf, it was going to be really good and have the AlbuKirky spin on it.

BBQ’ed Meat Loaf on the Big Green Egg

To elevate this meat loaf, I used ground sirloin and ground pork. I seasoned it with my Red Chile BBQ Rub and topped it with my BBQ Sauce.  But what really took it to the next level was smoking it on the Big Green Egg.  It’s amazing what some good spices and a little bit of smoke can do to transform the mundane into something really tasty and comforting.

BBQ’ed Meat Loaf

2 pounds ground sirloin
2 pounds ground pork
2 Eggs
2 Hamburger Buns or 3 slices of white bread
1/4 Cup of Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Cup of AlbuKirky Seasonings BBQ Sauce
1-2 Tablespoons AlbuKirky Seasonings Red Chile BBQ Rub

In a large mixing bowl add the ground sirloin, ground pork, eggs and worcestershire sauce.  Tear the hamburger buns into pieces and add them to the bowl.  Using your hands, mix all the ingredients together.  During the mixing process, sprinkle in the Red Chile BBQ Rub.   Once the ingredients are mixed, transfer the mixture to an oiled loaf pan.  Pour the BBQ Sauce over the top of the meat.

I filled the Big Green Eggs with mesquite charcoal, fired it up and dropped in the plate setter.  Once it was up to about 375º I put the meat loaf in to cook.  It cooked for an hour and 15 minutes to an internal temperate of 150º- 160º.  Since there were two ground meats, I wanted to be sure they were cooked thoroughly.  Also cooking it a little longer allows for that meaty crust to form along the inside of the pan.

BBQ’ed Meat Loaf, I got a little sloppy with the sauce.

To accompany the meat loaf the Mrs. made mashed potatoes and two beautiful loaves  of whole wheat bread.  I cut myself a nice little slab of the meat loaf and topped it with a little more BBQ sauce. It was really good, actually it was better than good, it was truly comforting.  The smoke and tangy BBQ sauce did it’s job and brought this dish to a whole new level.  This meatloaf is now going into my regular rotation of go-to comfort foods.

Cheryl’s Whole Wheat Bread


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