Grill Ready?

Over the years I have purchase many BBQ tools and I’m sad to say most of them were crap.  But through trial and error I have assemble a collection of essential grilling tools I use to get the job done. This week I thought I would share with you the tools that I use to grill & BBQ.  

Grate Pliers – I thought these were “special” pliers for the BGE, they are actually pizza pans pliers you can find at any restaurant supply store for about half the price.  They are perfect picking up the heavy cast iron grates.
ThermaPen – The one tool I never cook without.  I have said it thousands of times, if you’re gonna grill get a good meat thermometer. Properly cooking your meat ensures it’s safe and delicious.
Surface Thermometer – This is not a must have, but I like to use it when cooking on my Disc-It. 
Insulated Rubber Gloves – I use these when I’m cooking large piece of meat like pork butts and briskets.  It’s a lot easier to move a brisket with your hands than with a set of tongs.  These gloves are also great for pulling apart pork butts.
Grilling Gloves – These are the Mr. Grill gloves I reviewed a few weeks ago.  I’m going to be putting them through ringer this year.  I’ll keep you posted how they hold up.
Metal Charcoal Rake – This is just a small gardening tool I use to rake the charcoal in my Big Green Egg.  The hoe side of it is great for breaking up large pieces of charcoal.  Just be sure to get a metal one, obviously the plastic will not work when your trying to redistribute hot coals in your grill.

Wet Wipes & Paper Towels – Grilling is a dirty business, literally. So it’s always a good idea to keep these things around.  

Grill Brush – One of my most important tools.  Keeps my grates clean and is the first line of defense against sticking. I replace my grill brush every year and I’ll replace the bristles a few times during the season.  

My favorite grill brush is the Char-Broil Hawg.  It’s sturdy, with a stiff handle and it has the replaceable bristles.  But now the brush now comes with a plastic bristle head.  Plastic? Really?  Who’s brilliant idea was that??  There is even a warning on the packaging about only using it on cool grill.  Fortunately the steel bristle replacements still fits the head.  I found my brush at Lowe’s and the replacement bristles are usually found with the replacement parts.
The most important tool I have is tongs.  These tongs are really good, they are heavy and the prefect length for grilling.  Since you’re going to used your tongs on pretty much every cook don’t be stingy. Spend the extra money and buy a quality set of tongs, you will be glad you did.
I hope that my years of trying cheap grill tools helps you find some quality stuff.  Grilling should be fun and it’s a lot more fun when you have the right tools for the job.


4 thoughts on “Grill Ready?

  1. Grate, um, GREAT tips on tools for the season.
    I love my grill brush that lets me swap out the head. Brush Hawg from Char-Broil.
    Got some welder's gloves for Christmas that I've yet to try out.

  2. Good list. I will be seeing the Char-Broil people in two weeks and will ask, but I am pretty sure that the red plastic bristles is a cold brushing option only and not a replacement for brass bristles. I got one of the brushes and it was all about cleaning the grill when cold for people that might be intimidated by doing it while hot. But I'll find out for sure.

    So far my experience has been that it works but I prefer doing it while the grill is hot. I normally do a quick scape and then fire it up and do a more thorough brushing once it's hot. Seems to come off with less effort that way.

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