Green Chile Wings/Red Chile Wings

Here’s a revamp of a couple of wing recipes we posted 5-years ago. We’ve dusted them off and brought them out to share with you before Sunday’s big game. I know what you’re thinking…”what the heck, AlbuKirky?! You trying to pass off some old, busted up recipe on us?” Nope. These 2 wing recipes still hold up and we continue to enjoy them when we feel the need to get messy. By the way, they snagged us a Judge’s Choice victory in our second Disc-It Round Up competition, so these are legit! Let’s get on to our green chile wings recipe!

On the left: Red Chile Wings w/ Red Chile BBQ Sauce!  On the right: Green Chile Wings w/ Green Chile Mexican Crema!

As you already know, wings are easy to make and great for a crowd. Plus, there are so many ways to incorporate great flavors and really take them over the top.

In this first recipe, we fried the wings which yields a nice crispy skin. You can chose your seasonings for these so if you’re more of a Red Chile fan, substitute our ALBUKIRKY RED CHILE BBQ RUB. If you like ’em HOT reach for our ALBUKIRKY ANCHONERO HOT RUB

Green Chile Chicken Wings

2 lbs of Chicken Winglets

Green Chile Crema

1 cup Mexican Crema (sub sour cream if you can’t find crema)
1 teaspoon of ALBUKIRKY GREEN CHILE RUB (increase to suit your taste)

Wash and pat dry winglets.  Coat the wings with a light drizzle of cooking oil. Season both sides of the chicken with the green chile rub.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but overnight is best.

To prepare the Green Chile Cream, whisk the crema and rub together and set aside. We like to put it in a squeeze bottle for easy application.

Fill the Disc-it (or your favorite frying vessel) with  a couple of inches of cooking oil and heat to 375-400º.  Add 5-10 pieces of chicken to the hot oil and fry for 4-6 minutes or to an internal temperature of 160F.  Allow to cool and drizzle with Green Chile Crema.

BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings w/ Red Chile BBQ Sauce!

Smoked wings don’t have the crispy snap of a fried wing, but man do they taste great! The smoke becomes the main ingredient and serves to accentuate whatever flavors you decide to season them with, plus it permeates the meat which in itself is glorious.

BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

2-3 lbs of Whole Chicken Wings
2-3 tablespoons of ALBUKIRKY RED CHILE RUB
A few dashes of you favorite hot sauce (optional)

Coat the wings with a drizzle of cooking oil and season with the ALBUKIRKY RED CHILE BBQ RUB.  Allow the wings to marinate in the rub for at least 4 hours, but overnight is best.

Fire up your grill or smoker and set it up for indirect cooking, then heat to 250º.  Place the wings on the grill and cook for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes flip the wings then continue cooking for another 30 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of 160º.

Mix the ALBUKIRKY RED CHILE BBQ SAUCE and hot sauce (if using) in a large bowl. Remove the wings from the smoker and toss them in the sauce while they are still hot and give them a good coating. Once they have a good coating of sauce, plate them, and allow the sauce to bake into the skin for a few minutes. Then EAT!

Smoking or frying? How do you choOse a favorite? I say, just fix both and make everybody happy!

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