Big Announcement!

For the past two years this would be week I post about the Disc-It Round Up but not this year.  No, I didn’t skip it and you didn’t miss it.  Actually, the event has moved to September 28, right after the state fair and before the International Balloon Fiesta.  We’re hoping the cooler temperatures bring out bigger crowds so we can raise more money for the kids of Carey Tingle Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.

The September NM Skies will be just as blue
The extra two months is actually is a good thing, it’s giving me more time to work on my recipe.  Since I am the defending champ, I’ve already been called out by my fellow competitors.  All I have to say is I’ll be there on the 28th with my Disc-It’s ready to cook.  Like I said the competition is goring to be fierce, so sorry no preview pics of my dish.  But here are a few pics of the custom Disc-It I won. Nevin did a great job customizing this Disc-It with my company name and some skull handle discs to match my other Disc-It. Pretty sweet huh?

Do you think you can cook?  Would you like to win a totally customized Disc-It with all the accessories?  If so, Nevin will be more than happy to hook you up with a loaner Disc-It,  give you some space in the tent to cook with the big boys and you can help us raise some cash for the kids.  If you’re more of an eater, then make plans to bring the whole family down to Isleta Casino on Sept 28 and enjoy the worlds largest all you can eat Disc-It Buffet!  See you there!!

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