Our First Fiery Foods & BBQ Show!


It’s finally here the 2013 Fiery Foods & BBQ Show! If you’re in Albuquerque come on down to the show and see us at booth 108.  Be sure to say “I’m a fan of AlbuKirky” and get 2 bottle for just $9. 

 Check out our video from Day 1. 

Day 2:

My plan for a post after the show was a little too ambitious.  After 8 hours of non-stop selling we are all exhausted.  The response to all of our products has be tremendous.  It’s a good thing this show is in my own back yard because I had to run home and get more BBQ sauce. I think this video pretty much sums its up.

Day 3:

Sunday was another great day at the show.  We were all exhausted and running on fumes, but once the crowds started to roll in we got fired up.  When all was said and done we sold over 1,100 bottle of product, only 89,000 more bottles to go before I can quit my day job.  I’m proud of my team an all the hard work they did make this weekend successful.  Also a thanks to all of our fans, current and new, who helped make this show huge success for us.

Team AlbuKirky working hard

Here’s just a teaser of the homemade bacon recipe I’ll be posting later this week.


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