Pork Belly Uncured!

It looks like I’m a little late with last week’s post or early with this week’s, take your pick.  I had technical issues with the Tri-Tip Steak sandwich I was working on, but that’s okay, I think today’s post will more than make up for last weeks stumble.  If you’ve already cheated and looked at the pic below that is a smoked pork belly.  Not a butt or brisket, but a belly, the tender delectable part of the pig that bacon comes from.  And let me tell you from one meat eater to another, it was gooooood!!

Smoked Pork Belly
What else would I season it with??
This was the first pork belly I’d ever cooked, so I wanted to keep it simple. I started of by seasoning the belly with a good coating of my bbq and let it marinate over night.  The belly weighed a little over 6lbs and I guess-timated it was going to take about 4-6 hours to cook.  I filled up the Big Green Egg with mesquite charcoal, inserted the plate setter and fired it up to the 250º-275º range. I did place a drip pan on the plate setter and grate to catch the drippings, don’t want waste that tasty fat.  I placed the belly fatty side down, shut the lid and just left it alone.  After about 4 hours it was essentially done, the internal temperature of the thickest part was 180º.  I coated the top with a mix of BBQ Rub and brown sugar, closed the vents down a little bit and waited for the wifey to get home from work so we could share in this pork-sperience together.
Smoked Pork Belly on the Big Green Egg
I pulled the belly of the smoker and let it rest in a covered pan for about 10-15 minutes.  Remember kids; always let your meat rest before slicing.  I sliced of a good thick meaty piece for the moment of truth.  Wow, it was spectacular.  It tasted like super rich and flavorful smoked pork, maybe a little hint of a bacon flavor but not much.  The meat is absolutely delicious but it is very rich and a little goes a long way.
Serving Suggestion: Pork Belly Sandwich
The best part of this blog post, there’s a sequel!  That was only half of the belly.  The other half is curing in my fridge.  So stay tuned, if I’m not too busy getting ready for the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show next week I’ll be posting Making Bacon!

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