Just Brine It!

Turkey Rule #1 – Brine your turkey.

Turkey Rule #2 – Brine your turkey.
For the last two years I have been proselytizing the benefits brining of your Thanksgiving turkey and I’m going to do it again right now.  My coworkers have been asking me all week long for turkey baking tips and my response is always the same, brine it.   Next year I’m just going to print up cards with brine recipe and hand them out.  Until everyone in American is enjoy moist and delicious turkey I will keep spreading the message of brine.

Turkey Dinner
I have posted a the same recipe for the last two years, but this recipe is so simple there is no excuse not to brine your turkey.  The purpose of the brine is to get more water into the meat.  The salt in the brine opens up the cells of the meat and allows it to hold more water.  If there is more water in the meat at the beginning of the cook there will be more juices left in it when it’s done, i.e. moist, juicy and delicious turkey.

Brine Ingredients
Basic Brine
1 1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar
1 Cup of Salt
1 Gallon of Apple Juice or water

Food Safe Bucket
In a large food safe bucket or stock pot add the salt and brown sugar and stir until it’s dissolves in the apple juice.  I recommend using apple juice but water will work just fine.

Drop the turkey in the bucket. If the turkey is not completely submerged add a little water until it is.  Refrigerate over night. 
I have added spices, citrus and herbs to my brines but I have found it’s not really necessary.  They do add some flavor, but the best best is to rub the spices directly on bird.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the turkey was frozen, soak the bird in plain tap water for 2-4 hours in the fridge before brining.  Frozen turkeys use a salt solution in the freezing process, soaking in water will remove the solution, this will keep the turkey from tasting a bit salty.

Once the turkey has brined, prepare and cook as you normally do each year.  When it comes time to eat you will notice the difference, it will be moist, juicy and delicious.  I guarantee it will be the best Thanksgiving Turkey you have ever made.  And next year you can join me in the campaign to save America from dry bland turkey.
Gratuitous Smoked Turkey Pic

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