Balloons & Burritos

Besides being known as the city where Bugs Bunny was suppose to make a left, Albuquerque does have one claim to fame, the International Balloon Fiesta.  The first week of October, balloonist from all over the world congregate in our fair city for a week of ballooning, partying and whatever else balloon pilots do for fun.  Early each morning, over 500 balloonists take to the skies and decorate our airspace with their vibrant and colorful balloons.  It looks like giant Christmas ornaments floating in the sky.

View from the Parking Lot
It just so happens that my day job office is right next to the balloon fiesta park. From our parking lot, or any window in the building, we have a great view of the festivities at the park.  This year, my department decided to capitalize on our proximity to the fiesta and have a teambuilding breakfast in the parking lot.  Of course, I volunteered to cook breakfast burritos for everyone. I never pass up an opportunity to show off my mad cooking skills and feed my tremendous ego.

Tuesday morning, I was up early and loading my Disc-it and cooking supplies into the truck.  I arrived at the parking lot and scoped out a good spot, unloaded the truck and waited for the rest of my coworkers.  Once everyone had arrived, I cooked up a batch of my soon to be famous green chile turkey sausage breakfast burritos.  We also had fresh hot coffee and orange juice to enjoy with our burritos while we watched the balloons launch.  It was not long before the balloons were flying directly over our spot. 

Green Chile Turkey Sausage & Potatoes in the Disc-It
After a couple of hours of balloon watching, eating and drinking plenty of hot coffee it was time to head into the office.  I was secretly hoping our CFO would get caught up in the moment and give us the day off, but that didn’t happen. It was still a great morning and watching the balloons is always amazing.  I really can’t do the balloon fiesta justice in the few photos I’ve got here; it’s one of those events you need to experience for yourself.  If you ever come to ABQ for the fiesta, just look for the big guy in the parking lot cooking up burritos.

My co-workers Irma, Paul, Virginia, Pat, Susan and Me.

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  1. I'm cooking for the office next Wednesday, always fun isn't it? Wow that discada full of sausage and potatoes looks amazing, I bet the whole parking lot smelled unreal!

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