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For most New Mexicans the most anticipated time of the year is not Christmas, it’s the chile harvest.  Around mid August chile roasters start appearing in grocery store parking lots in preparation for the arrival of our sacred fruit.  Once the harvest arrives the smells of fresh roasted chile permeate the air throughout Albuquerque. Even my best description would be pointless, it’s something you have to experience first hand and once you get a good whiff of fresh roasted chiles you will become instantly addicted to the intoxicating aroma.

Fresh Green Chile 
OK, I admit I do not normally purchase fresh roasted chile every year.  Most of the time I just buy frozen chile in the grocery store, its convenient, the product is consistent and for most of my recipes it was good enough. But that was all before I started this blog.  Now I’ve got a reputation to uphold and frozen green chile just isn’t going to cut it any more. So when the chile harvest hit town I started looking for the best Hatch Chiles I could find. I found a local store, Chile Traditions, which had fresh Hatch Chile.  They were actually unloading sacks of chile from the truck when I pulled up. I eagerly purchased my sack of hot chile and had them roast most of it but saved some choice chiles to roast at home.
Disc-It with the Roast-It
Once I got home I fired up my Disc-It with the Roast-it attachment.  I filled up the basket with the spicy fruit and started roasting. As the chiles started to roast I got a good whiff of the burning capsaicin and started to cough.  Oh, yah this was going to be a good batch of chile.
Roasted Green Chile in the Roast-It.
With my chiles roasted and cleaned it was time to start eating.  I started with Green Chile Cheeseburger, and I threw on a couple of piece of bacon for good measure.  Cheeseburgers alone are great but you throw on a couple of strips of fresh roasted green chile and it’s just amazing much better a burger can be.
Green Chile Cheese & Bacon Burger
A couple of days later we decided to try cooking up some rellenos.  Cheryl and I have never made rellenos before, so we consulted our buddy Google for some pointers and started cooking.  For our first attempt they turned out really good, once I get the recipe down I’ll post it. But just incase our rellenos didn’t turn out I grilled up some petite sirloins for back up. Besides what would go better with a deep fried chile filled with cheese that a little steak??

Frying Rellenos in the Disc-It
My chile is all clean and frozen just wait to be call up for culinary duty but serious doubt it’s going to be enough to last past Christmas.  Regardless how long it last, every delicious bite will chronicled right here. I can’t wait to cook up another Green Chile Pork Butt with my fresh chile,  It’s going to be guud!!
Steak & Relleno

4 thoughts on “More Green

  1. Hah! I love that you have your own chile roaster! And your Disc-It is pretty cool, especially if you can cook chile rellenos in it. Yum! (We're you worried about burning your bare toes, though? Lol)

    Great post, Kirk. Can't wait for the relleno recipe.

  2. Chris, If you liked the BBQ Rub you'll love the Green Chile Rub.

    Lynn, my wife is going to kill me for not cropping her foot out of that pic.

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