In The Making…Green Chile Pork Butt

A few weeks ago I cooked up a red chile brisket and though it was only fair to cook up something with red’s younger and fruitier sister, green.  The green chile harvest is almost here, which means the airspace of the entire state will soon be permeated with the aroma of fresh roasted green chiles.  It’s like the smell of popcorn when you walk into a movie theater, but so much better.
Green Chile Pork Butt with Gold Potatoes 
During the day, while I’m working for the man crunching spreadsheets, the creative half of my brain is thinking up new recipes. All week long I was trying to create a fusion of barbeque and chile in my mind.  I discussed my ideas with the R&D Team, my wife Cheryl, and ultimately decided on a slow roasted pork butt with a green chile sauce. Once I had envisioned the final dish, the pieces just fell into place. 
Green Chile Sauce
I’m still working on the final version of this recipe and you will find the final version posted here shortly.  I’m missing one very important ingredient, fresh roasted green chile.  I used frozen local green chile for this recipe; although it’s good, it doesn’t quite measure up to fresh roasted chile. When the harvest arrives, I will seek out the finest Hatch Green Chile in town and purchase my personal stash. I’ve got a chile roaster attachment for my Disc-It that I’m dying to put to good use.  Until the final recipe is complete I hope that you enjoy the pictures of my prototype.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Give-A-Way!
Pork Butt Cooking on the BGE

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