Halibut Steaks Using the GrillGrates

It’s not always steaks, pork butts and briskets; I do occasionally grill healthy stuff, like fish and chicken, it just doesn’t make it to the blog.  The reason it does not make it is because the photos are not blog worthy.  The fish I have tried to grill lately has been a mess. It’s mostly pieces of broken fish and does not make for an appetizing picture.  I can’t be posting pictures of broken fish on my blog, it would be embarrassing.  Maybe one of these days I should do a blog post using the out-take photos. 
Grilled Halibut Steaks and Toasted Bread
GrillGrates and Fork-Spatula
As I searched the Internet for a solution to my broken fish dilemma I ran across the GrillGrates.  I had heard good things about them in the BBQ forums on other blogs.  Then my BBQ buddy Bob bought a set and could not stop talking about them.  Bob takes his grilling as seriously as I do; therefore I knew the GrillGrates must be good.  So, after Bob’s ringing endorsement I purchased my own set of GrillGrates.
Shortly after receiving my grates I fired up my gas grill to cook up some chicken breasts.  My first cook went great. I was most impressed with the heat control the grates provided. The chicken cooked evenly with perfect grill marks.  The fork-spatula worked well, but it’s going to take a little getting used to. The channels in the grates capture the drippings and as the fat burned off it imparted a little smoky flavor to the chicken.  My chicken actually tasted better!
My first cook using GrillGrates
After a few practice cooks and some tech support from Bob it was time to put the grates to the test.  For the test cook I found a really nice thick halibut filet that I cut into nice steak size pieces.   I liberally oiled both sides of the filets and seasoned with my prototype green chile rub.  With the grill heated up to 400 I placed the fish on the GrillGrates and let it cook.
The Spatula in Action
After 4 minutes it was time for the first flip.  I slid the special spatula-fork underneath the filet and lifted.  The fish came right off the grate, no sticking and all in one piece.  I flipped the fish 3 more times with the same result each time. The raised rails and the spatula are pure genius, I wish I had thought of it.  I was finally going to have blog worthy fish filets.
Check out those grill marks!
My fish dilemma is solved thanks to the GrillGrates! I have cooked more stuff on the grates and everything has come out perfect each time.  The heat control and distribution of the grates is amazing.  These grates are so good it’s almost like cheating.  Any skill level of griller will really appreciate these grates.  My favorite benefit is the perfect grill marks; makes all my food truly blog worthy!
Halibut Steak, Rice Pilaf and Asparagus!
If you would like more information about GrillGrate you can visit their website at mygrillgrate.com.  Just to be clear, I’m endorsing this product because I think it’s a great product.  I did not receive any compensation for this review, but if GrillGrates wants to send me another set for my Weber I would not be opposed.  If you need some help with your grill and want those perfect grill marks pick up a set of GrillGrates, you won’t be sorry.

2 thoughts on “Halibut Steaks Using the GrillGrates

  1. Brad's GrillGrates rock. Excellent for fish, veggies, steaks, and burgers, just about anything. I had a set for months before I tried them and then I was totally impressed.

  2. Chris, like you I thought I would never give up my cast iron grates. But I've seen the light, GrillGrates just work better. They are one of the best grill accessories I've ever bought.

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