Now We’re Cooking with Gas

I’m sure you all think I only cook on my Big Green Egg or the Disc-It, however I do own a gas grill.  You could say my Weber Genesis is the Rodney Dangerfield of my grill collection, it get’s no respect.  Respect or not, my gas grill is a real workhorse and is an integral part of my BBQ arsenal.  A gas grill is not as flashy as the Egg, or as unique as the disc, but it is a consistent performer. All I need is a full tank of propane, a good piece of meat, some seasonings and I’m good to go.

Easter Ham on the Weber Genesis
My culinary roots started on a cheapo gas grill my sister left behind when she moved to Iowa.  It really wasn’t much more than a heat source and grate but it was good enough to grill steaks, burgers and chicken.  As my skills improved I quickly out grew that grill and upgraded to a bigger and better Charbroil grill.  It was bigger which gave me more room to cook more stuff.  I started adding vegetables, potatoes, and toasted bread and eventually I was cooking entire meals on my grill, even desserts!  That’s what’s great about a gas grill, lots of space with consistent adjustable heat so that you can cook several different foods at once.
Weber Genesis
Things were going good; I had upgraded my grill to a bigger prettier stainless steel Charbroil grill.  I had a love-hate relationship with that grill; I loved cooking on it but I freaking hated cleaning it.  Stainless steel may be stainless but it’s hard to keep clean and the cleaners are expensive. I’m going to say it, stainless steel grills suck!  When I bought my Big Green Egg I thought it was going to be the ultimate cooking device.  I quickly kicked that stainless steel beast to the curb, well not actually, I gave it to my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, but the important thing is that it was out of my back yard and I was never going to have to clean it again.
Easy Heat Ignition & Control
For about a year I went gas-less and I committed to cooking everything on my BGE.  The Egg is great but it does not have push button ignition.  I missed having the convenience of on demand fire and the heat consistency I can achieve by adjusting 3 little knobs.  The less time I spend preparing my grill, the more time I can spend prepping my food and eating it.  After a hard day of analyzing and spreedsheeting I don’t always have the patience to deal with lighting charcoal. And I’m going to say this too, not everything has to taste like smoke to be good either.  Yah, I said it! 
 So after of my self-imposed gas grill moratorium, I gave up and bought a Weber Genesis. The Weber Genesis is by far the best grill I have ever owned.  It’s very sturdy and well built with plenty of grill space.  The burners are great, they create consistent heat with no cool spots.  The best part…very little stainless steel, it had the least amount of stainless steel I could find, cleans up easily with a little soapy water and sponge. It’s a great grill and I was so happy to be returning to my grilling roots. I know my Weber doesn’t get the glory that the egg and the disc get but it’s still my workhorse.  What I love about it the most is getting in that midweek grilling, it keeps my skills sharp and my stress levels low. 
Grilled Romaine Lettuce and Chicken on Weber Genesis
There is no shame in cooking on a gas grill…it’s still BBQ and barbecue is all about cooking outside, eating good food and spending time with family and friends.  I’m not a purist or a snob, I’m an equal opportunity griller, I cook on anything that will get the job done.  That being said, I will start sharing the blog glory with my Weber.  Weather you have a gas grill, stick burner or a kettle grill it doesn’t matter, just fire it up and grill something!  Happy grilling!

4 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking with Gas

  1. I don't have a gas grill because that is just wrong (just kidding) but I do have a Brinkmann SnP smoker and a plain Brinkmann charcoal grill. I think it is good that we use and post about these other cookers. It keeps readers from thinking, I can't make that because I don't have an Egg.

  2. It's great seeing a gas grill in use like this, interesting you have done lettuce on it,I might just have to try that, you must be a serious griller using the Genesis, I am a fan of the Weber q320 myself.

  3. Seems this grill is very simple in the way it cooks, and by the look of that picture it turns out some amazing results. The smokey flavors could be captured by closing the lid, could it not?

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