The Reviews are In!

Now for something completely different.  Today I’ve got some video reviews of my AlbuKirky BBQ Rub courtesy of I Love it Spicey.  Al, aka Buddah, is the chile-head behind I Love it Spicy.  Buddah has a great site and his passion for all things spicy is evident.  He’s assembled a team of tasters for product reviews and the best is part they do it because they love it, i.e. free.  The reviews are great and I really appreciate all the reviewers for taking the time to try my rub and shoot a video.

The First Review is from Scott Roberts.  He’s also a renown chile-lover.  Check out his blog at Scott Roberts Web.
The second review is from Mer & Jen.
And the final review is from RJ & Minh.
I just want to thank Scott, Mer, Jen, RJ & Minh for there reviews and putting together some great videos. I’m glad and relived that you all enjoyed my BBQ Rub.

If you want to try a bottle of BBQ Rub with the limited edition hippy label visit my online store at and use the coupon code BLOG to save 10% on your order.

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