My Coney Creations

Ever do something crazy just because you can?  Well, that’s exactly what we did to celebrate National Hot Dog Day!  Actually, the entire month of July is National Hotdog Month but after 7 lbs I gained during burger month I decided I would limit the celebration to just one day.  Since it’s only one meal I decide to do something way over the top.
Celebrating National Hot Dog Day!
So how praytell am I going take the humble little hot dog over the top? I started with an all beef frank in a natural casing and wrapped it with a big strip of bacon.  I know bacon is not a big deal, but stay with me.  I didn’t cook these on the grill, no sir.  I dropped these bad boys in a Disc-It full of hot oil.  I had to fry up the onion straws, so why bother dirtying up a grill when I had perfectly good pan full of hot oil too cook with??

Deep Fried Bacon Dogs & Extra Bacon
Ok, so I’ve got a delicious deep fried, bacon wrapped, frank, but before I can top them I need a bun and not just any bun is going to work.  Mrs. AlbuKirky was kind enough to make homemade buns, and that fresh and hot bun was prefect to hold our coney creations.  Maybe I can get Cheryl to post her recipe later this month??  Now on to the toppings.

The Krafty Dog
We got a little crafty with the first dog and topped with a heaping helping of Kraft Mac & Cheese.  Cheryl’s sister,Trissi, supplied the mac & cheese.  She may have used the box as a base but there was at least another 1/2 lb. of cheese added to the pot.  If that wasn’t enough we also added some bacon bits and a couple of dashes of hot sauce.  This dog might have been a little rich but damn was is good!!

BBQ Bacon Dog

For the second dog, I took a little inspiration from one my my burgers.  We took the bacon wrapped dog, dropped in the homemade bun, topped it with a smaller pile of onion straws then drizzled the whole thing with the our Duke City Sweet BBQ Sauce. The onion straw and bbq sauce combo was just as good on the dog as it was on the burger.  I’m going to have to find more stuff to put this on.

Well I’m glad that I didnt decided to eat a months worth of hotdogs, I don’t think my arteries could have handled it. I’m still not sure which hotdog I liked better, the cheesy Krafty Dog or the BBQ Bacon Dog.  Actually, they were both masterpieces of the coney variety.  I think we’re going to have make them again to decide which was best.

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