I Had An Eat-Piphany!

I’ve been AWOL again but I’m back.  I don’t want to bore you with details of my failed leg of “lame” Easter Dinner.  Or drone on about replacing the gasket and hinge assembly on my Big Green Egg.  Nope, I’m just going to share with you my latest plan to get this blog back on track.

The Eat-Piphany Jar

For months, I have been keeping a list of all my great cooking ideas on my iPhone.  If I see a great recipe on TV, eat something that I really like, or have an honest to god epiphany,  I add it to the ever growing list.  The problem is all of my great ideas are just binary code sitting on a memory chip.  They have yet to make it to my plate and ultimately my belly.  To help my ideas see the light of day, I have printed my list and cut it into small strips and placed them in the Eat-piphany jar.  So when Thursday rolls around and I don’t have anything planned for Sunday dinner, I will pull out an eat-piphany and that’s what I’ll cook.

Here’s the best part, you can submit your own eat-piphanies and if I use them I will give you a free bottle of rub, any flavor you would like.   Just leave it in the comments or on my Facebook page and I will add it to the jar.  This is a total win-win, I get content and you get a free bottle of AlbuKirky Seasoning’s Rub!

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