Better Than The Deli Roast Beef

I had a hankering for a really good roast beef sandwich last week.  All I could think about was that rich beef, on a fresh roll with cheese, a good spicy mustard, horseradish and nice au jus to dip it in.  This sandwich practically makes itself, all I had to do was cook up a roast which I’ve had some trouble with cooking in the past.  But I was ready to give it another try; I was not going to let a hunk of beef get the best of me again.
The last couple of roasts I’ve cooked were top rounds, this time I decided to go with a bottom round.  It was bigger, had a really nice marbling throughout the meat and a thick fat cap, all of the qualities I look for in a good brisket.  After cooking the bottom round I think the problem with the previous roasts was the cut, the top round is just too lean for the tenderness and flavor I was looking for.
Smoked Bottom Round Roast
I started by scoring the fat cap, coating the roast with a good olive, then seasoning with my SPG seasoning.  This roast was the perfect application for SPG.  It’s a simple seasoning developed to enhances natural beef flavors.  The 4-½ pound roast cooked for about 3 hours at 300º in the Big Green Egg over mesquite charcoal.  When I pulled it off the grill it was 140º, just a tad over my target temp of 130º, but it was acceptable. I should have pulled it off about 15 minutes earlier.  Since I was trying to recreate deli style meat I placed it in the fridge over night.
The next day I pulled the roast from fridge, I took my taste test and was very pleased with my work, but my work was not complete, as it was time to make the au jus.  I sliced the fat cap off and placed it in a stockpot with the beef drippings and simmered it for 10 minutes.  Then I added 4 cups of beef stock to the pot and simmered it down for another 20 minutes.
Au Jus Base 
Once the au jus was done it was time to make the sandwich I had been dreaming about. My dreamy beef sandwich started with a fresh Ciabatta roll, a coating of spicy mustard on one side and creamy horseradish on the other.  Between the bun I layered on the roast beef, a slice of provolone cheese, a few sliced dill pickles and a few leaves of fresh lettuce.

Roast Beef Sandwiches & Kirby’s Crunchy Potatoes
Finally, my sandwich was ready. I dipped it in the warm au jus and let the bread drink in the savory broth, then I took that first bite.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  The roast was perfect, it had a rich, beefy flavor with just a hint of smoke and the SPG was the perfect seasoning for it. The au jus really added another layer of beefy flavor, it was just awesome.  I have since eaten 4 more sandwiches from my roast and there’s still some left, I never get tired of eating a good sandwich.

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