Corrective Action Plan

I just had my annual blog review with my “boss”, and it was not good.  Although the quality of my posts were acceptable, the quantity was lacking. I have officially been placed on a corrective action plan. Which is totally ridiculous, considering I don’t get paid to write this blog.  I’m so ticked off; you’ve got to hear how stupid this plan is.

Gratuitous Steak Photo
According to Mr. Ballbreaker (pretty much my alter ego) my blog was good, but I lacked consistency and quantity.  Ideally I should have been posting one blog a week.  I pled my case, I have a life, I have a full time job, and a fledgling spice business. I even played the “just bought a new house card”, but it all fell on deaf ears.  The new target for 2013 is one blog post a week, if I want to stretch for the optimal goal I need to post every 5 days.  Thanks, Mr. BB, I guess sleep and free time are highly overrated.

Gratuitous Beef Short Ribs
Oh and get this, to meet my optimal target my blog must also include the addition of video posts.  I now have to shoot at least 4 videos this year.  Is he freaking kidding?? I don’t know jack squat about shooting and editing videos.  Does anyone remember the spatchcock chicken video?  My wife and sister both said it was “serial killer” creepy. I don’t know what I’m going to do; I guess I’ll figure it out.
Blogging Hard

My review wasn’t all bad, I did receive high praise for my use of bacon and was encouraged to continue that trend. Apparently, Mr. BB is one of the crazy bacon fanatics and he looks like he’s eaten his fair share of it too.  At least there was something about my blog that he like.

It looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do this year, but I’m up for it. Weekly posts, videos, photo staging.  I almost forgot, I need to grill more.  Cooking pork butt for 12 hours is great, but it’s like watching grass grow, slow and boring.  You know, for a non-paying job this is turning out to be a lot of work.  Like Mr. BB said, “just cause you’re doing it for fun doesn’t mean you can do it half-assed.”

2 thoughts on “Corrective Action Plan

  1. When you work for yourself, your boss is the world's biggest Ahole, I agree.

    I dabbled with the video but it didn't really help with traffic. No one wants to spend the time to watch a full recipe video unless you are someone like But where there IS value added to bloggers like me and you would be 1 minute or less tip or technique videos that supplement a recipe post. That's my opinion anyway 🙂

  2. Thank for the advice Chris. I wanted to shoot some videos last year but never got around to it. Actually, I want to shoot video to practice for my big break on Food Network

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