Best of 2012

Well, looks like another year of blogging, grilling and BBQ’ing is in the books.  It was a great year, from the purchase of my new house to winning my first cooking contest; it all went by so fast.  And just like a good food junkie I will remember this year by the food I cooked up.  Is it wrong that remember the events of my life by the food that I ate??

Green Chile Chicken Wings with Cream Sauce
I cooked up some good stuff earlier in the year but it wasn’t until the middle of the year I came up with the Green Chile Chicken Wings with Creama Sauce. A deep fried chicken wing, seasoned with my green chile rub and topped with a creama sauce, simple yet completely delectable.  This was the recipe that won the me a brand new Disc-It.
Green Chile Stew with Smoked Pork
 My personal favorite recipe was the green chile stew.  I had been working on the a green chile smoked pork butt dish for a few years and it all finally came together when I made it into a stew.  It was the perfect fusion BBQ and New Mexican chile in a single dish.  If one dish represents my culinary vision this would be it. 
BBQ’ed Dates and Burnt End
What best of list does not include a bacon?  Not this one.  I’ve got two bacon recipes, the Billionaire’s Bacon and the BBQ’ed Date.  Both of these recipes pair the rich flavor of bacon with a sweet ingredient for a totally amazing flavor profile.  It’s stuff like this that will turn me into one of those crazy bacon junkies.
Billionaire’s Bacon
These were just a few of my favorites from 2012.  I hope you all enjoyed them as well.  If you have a favorite from any of my post, please leave a comment below.  Or feel free to leave me a suggestion and I will try to cook it up in 2013, I can never have enough content you know.  Happy Que Year Everybody!!

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