Grilled Watermelon Salad

If there were a quintessential fruit of summer it would have to be the watermelon. On a hot day there is nothing more refreshing than ripe, cold watermelon.  As a kid I remember eating watermelon all the time, I just loved sticking my fat face in a half moon slice and chomping down on the sweet cool melon, it tasted like summer. I still love watermelon and I’m always looking for new recipes to use my favorite fruit.

Grilled Water Melon Salad
A couple days ago I was watching Food Network and saw Claire Robinson made grilled watermelon salad.  It was everything I like about a recipe, it was simple, had ingredients I liked, and used a grill. Well, she used a grill pan on the stove, but I guess we can let that slide for the sake of TV.

Grilling some melon on the BGE
Grilled Watermelon Salad

4 – Slices of Watermelon (seedless) sliced into 2-inch squares
½ – Cup of crumbled goat cheese
1 – Bag of Arugula
I started by coating the melon slices with a little oil and grilling them for 3-4 minutes on each side.  To assemble the salad make a little bed of the arugula on the plate and place a slice of the watermelon on top, then sprinkle with the goat cheese crumbles.  Repeat for the second layer.  How freaking easy is that?

Grilled Watermelon salad and a little ‘Que.
This salad may be simple but flavors are complex.  The first taste is the crispy peppery arugula, and then warm concentrated sweet flavors of the grilled watermelon and last is the tangy cool goat cheese.  It has all of the tastes of summer and then some. This recipe is definitely going into my summer salad rotation.

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  1. John Dawson grilled watermelon recently too. It seems to be the in thing this summer and from the sound of it, I can see why.

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