Beat the Heat with Creamy Deliciousness, Ice Cream!!

Back in December I mixed up a batch of Eggnog Ice Cream, the sad thing is that was the last time I made ice cream.  How lame is that?  Anyway summer is here and I plan on making plenty of ice cream.  I’ve made up a list of flavors all I need now is some hot summer days. To kick of the summer I whipped up a batch of Very Vanilla Ice Cream.  This is my base recipe I use for all of my ice cream flavors sans the vanilla bean.  It’s a very versatile recipe and you can use combinations of milk, half & half or heavy cream depending how much fat your want in your ice cream.  Just remember more fat = more flavor and creaminess.

Very Vanilla Ice Cream
(click the link for a printable recipe)

Ingredients for Double Batch

2 Cups of Half & Half

2 Cups of Heavy Cream
4 Eggs
2 Cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/3 Cup of Vanilla Whey Protein
2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
1 Vanilla Bean
1 pinch of salt
In a blender or mixer add the whey protein first then add the eggs and liquid ingredients and blend until completely mixed.  Adding the whey protein first will ensure is mixes completely and avoids clumping.  Now split the vanilla been, scrape out the inside and add it to the ice cream base and mix again.  I like to add a pinch of salt to the mixture to help even out the sweetness of the mixture. Chill the mixture for a few hours before adding to your ice cream maker.  Fill your ice cream maker with the base, turn it on and wait for the magic to happen.

The whey protein is great trick to make your ice cream hold more air and gives it a nice creamy texture.  It will also keep the ice cream from turning into that frozen ice milk slush that homemade ice usually turns into when it’s re-frozen. 

Homemade Very Vanilla Ice Cream
There is no better way to be the summer heat that a good bowl of homemade ice cream. I’ve got more recipes I will be posting throughout the summer. So get our your ice cream maker and get started. 

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