A Lot At Steak

Well, once again I grilled some steaks for dinner.  If you all are getting tired of me grilling steaks let me know and I’ll grill up some nice tofu and vegetables, that should make for a great post.  But this steak post is riddled with controversy.  Do I have your attention now?  A controversial steak? How can that be?  Read on my friends, read on.

It all started with a trip to the local Sam’s Club this week.  I was in need of some mailing supplies for my spice business, AlbuKirky Seasonings the greatest spice blends ever! (shameless plug) I inevitability made it back to the meat department, my favorite section of any store, and was ogling the steaks, brisket and pork shoulders.  Cheryl said she wanted a steak this week, so I picked out a nice package of choice grade Angus beef rib eyes.

The controversy started right after we got home from Sam’s Club  when I had to convince Cheryl to let me try the dry aging technique again.  If you remember my earlier post The Drying Game, I thought the steaks were great but Cheryl was not as impressed.  The first time the steaks were a tad over cooked, I thought they were still pretty good.  I guess it’s not enough for her that I can cook and that I’m good at it, she expects a perfect steak every time. Anyway, she reluctantly agreed but I could tell there was going to be hell to pay if this did not work.

I started out dry aging the steaks for 3 days in the fridge.  For the dry aging I seasoned the steaks with some kosher salt on both sides and wrapped them in a paper towel and set them in a pan in the back of the fridge.  This is a really simple technique that results in tons of beefy flavors.

When it came time to grill the steaks I knew these steaks would have to be cooked to perfection and I was up for the challenge.  I did not deviate from my tried and true techniques.  I seared the steaks perfectly, nice crust and grill marks on both sides to seal in all those juices.  I was armed with my trusty new Thermapen to ensure that I pulled these steaks off at the right temperature for a good medium rare steak. To get a good medium rare steak I cook the steaks to about 126F-130F, after the steaks have rested for 5 minutes they are around 135F with a nice red warm center.  This was a crucial step, because Cheryl like’s her steaks on the rare side. I’ve got a great story about her ordering a rare steak on one of our earlier dates, but I’ll have to save that for another time.

The steaks are plated and dinner is served.  Cheryl is eating her steak while I’m messing around taking photos of my plate.  That’s one of the sacrifices of a food blogger, taking pictures of your food while everyone else eats.  Once I’m done I cut into my steak and it’s cooked perfect, the sear is nice and the flavor of the steak is just amazing.  I’m just ecstatic, my dry aged trick worked and I am expecting the undying praise of my loving wife for cooking her another great steak.  But I can tell by the look on her face she is not too happy with her steak.

Kirk: “What’s wrong with your steak Honey Bunny?”
Chery: “Nothing, it’s fine.”
Kirk: “No, please my love, tell me what is bothering you. I can tell you are troubled and not sharing your feelings with me.”
Cheryl:  “Oh, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings dear, but my steak is a little tough.”
Kirk: “Oh Dear.  I am so sorry.  Please forgive me for serving you inferior steak.  I promise it will never happen again.”

That was it, no more dry aging of the steaks, I could not show this trick off to our friends, I was about to admit my defeat.  But before I started playing Taps for my dying trick, I tasted her steak.  It was tough, a lot tougher than my steak.  I gave Cheryl some of my steak and she really like it, the flavor was good and it was tender like a rib eye should be.  Hallelujah!  It was the steak and not me. She just got a bad steak. My dry aging trick is still alive and kicking.  Although I still owe her a good steak and the next one probably won’t be dry aged because I need to win her confidence back.  I’m just glad my little trick lives on to grill another day.

5 thoughts on “A Lot At Steak

  1. Wow, that steak looks AWESOME! I totally suck at cooking steaks. I tried for years and finally just gave up but now you have my interest renewed. I will have to give steak another try. I know what you mean about having a picky steak eater, my husband is my worst critic. Glad to hear it was a bad piece of meat and not your cooking skills. GO MEAT!

  2. I haven't tried my hand at aging yet, because of some of the mixed results I have heard. I think when I do I will age a ribeye roast and then cut it into steaks.

    Glad to know it was just her steak. I've had ribs like that where 1 out of a 3 pack turns out just “meh” while the other two are fine.

  3. I usually get my steaks at Costco and don't ever remember getting a bad steak. Given the law of averages I was probably do for a bad steak.
    I really like the dry aging, the meat has a much richer flavor. My next dry aging is going to be a prime rib.

  4. Hi Kirk

    Well about time I showed up here to check out your foodie blog. Cheryl passed the link on to me ages ago.

    OMG! I'm really wishing I had waited until tomorrow. Here it is almost 10pm and now I am STARVING. My mouth is watering. Your steak looks incredible.

    I know my husband would be eternally grateful if I managed to pick up a few tips from your blog here as he hasnt eaten a steak in around 9 years (the amount of time we have been together) atleast not one he has told me about, I'm pretty sure it's the first thing he orders when he has a “business lunch”. LOL.

    I would really love to be able to not murder a good steak.

    Michelle 🙂

  5. Thanks for that great comment Michelle. I'm glad my blog has inspired you to try grilling a great steak. It's not really hard it just takes some practice. Like I say the best thing about grilling is you can eat your mistakes, most of the time.

    You and Rosa have given me a great idea for post. A step by step process for grilling a great steak, with lots of pictures. I owe Cheryl a good steak, so I will have it up soon.

    Thanks again for your comment!

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