Smoking Cubanos

Well, here I am with my contribution to the Cubano Sandwich Post. As you well know, I’m not as eloquent and prolific as Cheryl, so this post will be relatively short and sweet. More like terse and bitter, but that’s just how I roll.  My responsibility for this culinary endeavor was the pulled pork.  I … More Smoking Cubanos

Smoking Hot Butts

Hope you like the catchy title, but we’re talking about pork butts here, so get your mind out of the gutter.  Anyway, I was cooking up some pork butts for a little party we had last weekend.  Just for fun I decided to check my blog for any old pork butt recipes and realized I … More Smoking Hot Butts

Fiesta de Fajitas!!!

While the rest of America was cooking up chicken wings and nachos, I was cooking up beefylicous fajitas.  Wings are nice, but beef trumps chicken every time. These fajitas were extra special, because the Mrs. made homemade flour tortillas.    Fajitas I used a choice grade flap steak for my fajitas; skirt and flank steaks also … More Fiesta de Fajitas!!!

Pastrami, The Most Sensual of the Salt Cured Meats!

Okay, it’s official! I’m back to cooking.  You can probably guess from the title that I’ve made my own pastrami as well as ripped off another Seinfeld episode.  Needless to say, I’ve been watching a lot of Seinfeld reruns lately.  After a month on the injured reserve list I wanted my comeback cook to be spectacular. What … More Pastrami, The Most Sensual of the Salt Cured Meats!

Smoking Pot Roast

I got some bad news, I don’t think the Mrs. will be joining us this week.  See, I make her work 2 part-time jobs, clean the house, do my laundry, cook at least 3 meals a week then when she’s done with all that she’s free to do whatever she wants.  She spends most of that … More Smoking Pot Roast

A Greek Odyssey

After months of intermittent posts and a short hiatus, we’re back baby!  If you notice a drastic improvement in my writing skills this week, it’s because Mrs. AlbuKirky is going to be a regular contributor to the weekly blog.  Every week we team up in the kitchen to cook our world renown Sunday Dinners, so it only … More A Greek Odyssey

Brats in Beer

If you didn’t already know, today was National Bratwurst Day! A whole day dedicated to the German sausage that has become an American favorite.  I don’t know why they picked August 16th.  I think a Sunday in October in the heart of football season would be a much better choice, but I’m not on the food holiday … More Brats in Beer