It’s Going to be a HOT Summer!

Summer is coming and it’s going to be a scorcher! Why? Because AlbuKirky Seasonings has a brand new hot barbecue sauce and rub guaranteed to put hair on your chest and sweat on your brow! Nah, just kidding, but it is HOT. After almost a year of rigorous research and development, our new Anchonero Hot BBQ Sauce and Rub are finally ready for its public debut.

AlbuKirky Seasonings Anchonero HOT Rub
AlbuKirky Seasonings Anchonero HOT BBQ Sauce

What’s Hot?

Our new rub starts with a fiery blend of ancho, habanero and hot New Mexican red chiles. This spicy combination is full of flavor and builds to a comfortable burn that lingers on the palette just a bit before it mellows and has you craving that next peppery bite. The rub also has a little turbinado sugar and a few other special spices added to provide a hint of sweetness that plays nicely off the heat. We’ve tested the Anchonero Rub on just about everything. Chicken, pork, beef, hamburgers, and even vegetables have received a HOT makeover in our kitchen and on our grill, to rave reviews. We use it as taco seasoning on regular basis for ground beef. No other spices are needed. It’s all there! And it’s delicious!

Cooking up some Tacos on the Disc-It with the Anchonero Rub

Hot BBQ Sauce

Of course, a HOT rub needed a dance equally HOT dance partner, so I created a HOT BBQ sauce to keep it company. Actually, customers were always asking “You got anything hotter?” so being the customer service-oriented entree-perneuer that I am, I gave them what they wanted. I could have just thrown some habanero in one of my other sauces, but that’s not how I roll. The new sauce is unique and not just a hotter version of my other sauces. It’s a little sweet, a little tangy, and a lot HOT. To amp up the burn factor season with the rub and finish with the sauce!

Thick Pork Loin Chop with Anchonero Rub topped with homemade Red Chile Jelly

I’m really excited about our new Anchonero Rub and Hot BBQ Sauce,  I hope that you will enjoy them, too. I encourage you to give them a try. Visit our online store at and enter the coupon code HOTBBQ and you’ll save 15% on your entire order. If you’re in the Albuquerque area we’ll be at the Downtown Grower’s Market this summer, stop by we’ll be happy to give you a sample.

We’re also working on something very special just for the holidays. I might be dropping a few hints over the next several months, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@AlbuKirkyBBQ) , Instagram, & Snapchat (AlbuKirkyBBQ).

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