Big Giveaway for Dad!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got a big basket of barbecue stuff to give away.  What better way to honor the man that grilled your first burger than with a basket of AlbuKirky Seasonings products and a few choice grilling tools.  All you have to do to win is leave us comment below and tell us why your dad deserves this sweet basket.  On June 14, I will randomly select 1 winner from the blog comments and the AlbuKirky Facebook page.  You can also get and additional entry by leaving comment on our Facebook page.  Good luck and happy grilling!!

7 thoughts on “Big Giveaway for Dad!

  1. We love your green chili rub and BBQ rub….have not had a chance yet to try the BBQ Sauce. This would make an excellent Fathers Day Gift for our “Grillmaster”. I agree, that it would be great to be able to purchase this at a local store !!!!!!!


  2. My dad is qn amazing father and grandfather! He has worked two jobs to make sure we had everything we needed.he was always there for me when i needed help, and he does the same for my daughter:) would love to win this he is a bbq master!


  3. My dad was a strong, quiet man when I was a child who taught me how to fish and grow my own food. As a grandfather, he turned in to a big kid and has taught my sons how to smooth talk a lady and how to laugh at yourself. Last year, he had a brain tumor. It hasn't been easy ever since, but has still smiles and laughs alot! He loves to grill, and this would be a great gift. Thank you.


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