Happy Belated National Hotdog Day!

I’m back, my hiatus is over.  I have been busy trying to build my BBQ Empire and things are going well.  Let me say, it’s a long way to the top if you want to barbecue!  This summer our weekends have been filled with store demos and markets, but we still manage to find time to cook up some great grub, it’s finding the time to blog about that is difficult.  So, I’m a little late with my National Hotdog Day post, but it’s the thought that counts right?  Besides who needs a national day to enjoy a delicious hotdog?

Happy Belated National Hot Dog Day!
National Hotdog Day was back in July and we had a little party to celebrate.  And true to our form we made the best hotdogs we could.  Great hotdogs start with quality franks with a natural casing, fresh baked buns and homemade toppings and of course some bacon. Even when it comes to hotdogs we don’t mess around at the AlbuKirky Kitchens.
When I cook hotdogs I like to cut a cross in the end of the franks.  It’s a little trick I saw on Amazing Ribs and have been using it ever since.  The cross cut allows the ends to crisp up a bit, it’s very tasty, although they do kind of look like the giant worms from the movie Dune.
I cooked a few of the dogs on the grill.  I started by laying them down in the grates and as the dogs cook I roll them across the grill.  It gets them really brown and really maxes out the flavor.

As for the other dogs I got a little stupid.  I wrapped them with a thick slice of bacon and deep fried them in the Disc-It.  Yah, it was stupid all right, stupid delicious!!
We started our hotdogs with the fresh homemade buns, baked by my lovely wife Cheryl.  For my first dog I took the bacon wrapped dog and topped it with fried onion strings and topped it with a little AlbuKirky Seasonings BBQ Sauce.  The other dog was a chile cheese topped with Cheryl’s homemade chili, onions and good old French’s Yellow Mustard.
Chili Cheese Dog & Bacon Dog with Onion Strings
Cheryl decided to for go the bacon dog for a classic sauerkraut dog with yellow mustard.  And of course the sauerkraut was homemade by her sister Patricia.
The Classic Kraut Dog
When it was all said and done these were the best hot dog we’ve ever made. I don’t know how we’re going to top this next year but we’ll try.  And maybe next year I’ll get it posted on time.

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