It’s Not You, It’s Me

A little over a year and half ago I was singing the praises of the brand-new-used Beef Eater gas grill I purchased from Craig’s List.  But today, I’m sad to say the Beef Eater has been replaced by a newer, shinier and much sexier grill.  Don’t get me wrong, the Beef Eater was a great grill, but we never seemed to gel.  I guess my heart always pined for the Weber Genesis that was tragically taken from me so many years ago.  

The New Grill!

Most guys my age are purchasing exotic sports cars to cope with their mid-life crisis.  Not me, my sports car money is all invested in AlbuKirky Seasonings, so my mid-life-crisis purchases are a little more affordable and practical.  Although, a new Porsche would be nice, can you cook dinner on it? 

Acres of Grilling Space!

A few weeks ago my grill lust got the best of me and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I marched my fat ass into Lowe’s and bought myself a brand new 2014 Weber Genesis Grill.  I didn’t even ask my wife for her permission. I’m such bad boy.  Actually, I had to order the grill because they didn’t have a green one in stock and I wanted it to match my Big Green Egg.  I cannot have a hodge of un-color coordinated grills in my backyard!

Cooking Up Some Flank Steaks for Fajitas!

I really like my new grill and have been cooking on it all the time.  You will be seeing more it in action this spring and summer.  As for the Beef Eater, he’s back on Craig’s List looking for a new home.  It’s still a great grill and has lots of good summers left in him.  I even cleaned and seasoned the grates, so his new family can start cooking right away.  And to sweeten the deal I’ll throw in a few bottles of rub & sauce!

The Beef Eater in need of a new home.

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