Coming Soon….A New Sauce!

Summer is coming…and we have been getting ready for it.  Since the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show I have been working with a distributor to get my products into a couple of high end grocery store chains.  I’m really exciting about taking my business to the next level.  There is one little problem, my sauce contains the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.  I have been wanting to do a sweeter, more traditional BBQ sauce for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to make it work.

New AlbuKirky Sweet & Spicy Sauce!!

I have been playing around with a recipe in my head for a couple of years but it was time to make it a reality.  I waited for Cheryl to go to work, I didn’t need anyone, even my lovely wife, distracting me from my mission.  To be honest, I’m a very messy cook and I didn’t want Cheryl to see the disaster I was about to unleash in the kitchen.  So after several hours of measuring, weighing and tasting, my new sauce recipe was ready.  The new sauce is sweeter and less tangy than my original sauce, but the star of the show is still the Red Chile BBQ Rub.

My mise en place needs work

Actually coming up with the recipe was the easy part, now the hard work begins.  We’ll be cooking up a 30 gallon test batch next week with our co-packer to finalize the recipe.  If all goes well, I expect to have bottles for sale by Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll keep you all posted on our progress, just visit my Facebook page for updates.

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  1. I don't hate on it either but the stores I'm trying to get my products into do. I hope to have an official announcement soon, don't want to jinx it till it's done.

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