The AlbuKirky Turkey Burger

We’re moving! Cheryl and I are in the process of selling our home so we can buy newer and more spacious digs. I first thought selling our house would be easy, but it’s not.  For the past month we have been cleaning, painting and packing stuff all in the hopes of making our home show ready.  Last week was the home stretch and we finally got the house listed and it’s ready for sale.  If you or anyone you know is looking for an immaculate townhome in the Albuquerque area, let me know. Anyway, all these projects have really put a damper on my cooking, but I finally managed to cook up a little something. 
AlbuKirky Turkey Burger
The little something I cooked up was a burger based on a popular local sandwich called the Albuquerque Turkey.  The basis of the sandwich is, of course, turkey, bacon, and avocado, on sourdough.  I guess what makes it Albuquerque is the addition of green chile to the sandwich.  A lot of New Mexico dishes are just regular dishes with the addition of green or red chile, but I digress.  The inspiration came to me while eating out one night and I saw the sandwich on the menu and I thought it would make a great burger.  I’ve been here 15 years, I don’t know why I never thought of it before?!?!  I guess that’s just how inspiration works, right?
Grilling Turkey Patty with Low Fat White Cheddar Cheese
My burger started with a big ground turkey breast patty seasoned with AlbuKirky Green Chile Rub and grilled to juicy perfection.  I topped the patty with a slice of low fat white cheddar cheese.  Once my burger was done I placed it on a fresh whole-wheat bun.  I continued to build my poultry pyramid with fresh avocado, a big strip of hot green chile, sweet red onions and crispy grilled strips of bacon.  My new burger was freaking awesome, each bite had layer upon layer of flavor:   the spicy green chile, the creamy avocado, and the bacon.  It was so good, I could have eaten 10 of them!!
Mmmmm….grilled bacon!
My latest burger combination was flat out delicious and it was just a skosh under 500 calories.  All those great flavors and it’s healthy; thats like a culinary miracle.  I’m going to be a eating a lot more burgers and the  Albuquerque AlbuKirky Turkey Burger is going to be a favorite on my menu for a long time.
AlbuKirky Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

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  1. Good luck on selling the house…you should really just put pics of THIS FOOD in your lawn with a FREE sign…ppl will flock in and you'll definitely get a buyer that way (and make some happy friends while you're at it! :).

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