Reducing the Earth’s Gravitational Pull

2011 was a great year, I smoked, grilled or disced up lots of tasty meals and unfortunately I ate a little too much of them.  That being said, it’s time to reduce the earth’s gravitational pull on my big fat ass. I have resolved this year I will put my grilling & barbequing skills to good use and use them to reduce the girth of my enormous body. This year I will be posting a few more healthy recipes and tips for cutting fat and maximizing flavor. For the first dinner of the calorie reduction regimen, I grilled up some Flat Iron Steaks.

Flat Iron Steak
Flat Iron is one of my favorite steaks, but then again all steaks are pretty much my favorite. The flat iron is a really flavorful and inexpensive cut. It’s also a leaner cut of beef, which made it the perfect protein for my inaugural diet dinner.  To round out this healthy plate I added some grilled potatoes and broccoli.

My whole meal was just a skosh over 500 calories.  I thought that was pretty good although I really have no idea what the calories of my previous meals were, but it was probably really bad.

Grilling Flat Iron Steak & Potatoes on the Grill Grates
I’m really looking for the challenge of cooking and eating some healthier meals.  If I can manage to throw in a little exercise I’ll be slim and trim by summer.  Don’t worry; I’m still going to be cooking up plenty of the good stuff and even a few new ice cream recipes, too. Here’s to a healthier and lighter 2012!!

2 thoughts on “Reducing the Earth’s Gravitational Pull

  1. Looks good, Kurt. The GrillGrates make it easy to grill veggies, no falling through the cracks.

    I have a flat iron that I'm making for dinner tonight.

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