A Major Award

I got some good news this week, I won a major award!  I’m expecting it to arrive soon in a large wooden crate marked FRAGILE’.  All joking aside I’m really excited to receive accolades for my BBQ Rub.

I met Al “Buddah”  at the Fiery Foods Show last year. He runs a website called I Love It Spicy.  As you can probably guess he loves spicy food and his blog is all about his passion for all things that burn his mouth and belly.  Al and his Spice Team have reviewed hundreds of sauces and give honest straight forward reviews of the products they sample.  I frequently consult his blog when looking for a new hot sauce.

I talked to Al about reviewing my BBQ and he whole heartedly agreed to do it.  I sent out sample bottles to his team and waited for the reviews, but didn’t send one to Al.  I was not well versed in the nuances of social networking promotions at the time.  The reviews from his from spicy pundits were all good.  You can see the reviews in my post The Reviews Are In. I guess Al was impressed with the reviews from his team so he purchased a bottle of rub for himself.

I guess he liked it because he awarded AlbuKirky BBQ with a Lenny.  The Lenny is named after Al’s father as a tribute to his life and legacy.  I never would have imagined when I started selling a BBQ rub I would have met so many interesting and passionate people like Al. It is truly humbling.  I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and information that Al and his team bring to the heat seeking and BBQ communities.   I’m really honored to be recognized this year. Thanks Al!

2 thoughts on “A Major Award

  1. I'm not surprised. I like both your rubs and sauce. The green chile rub is one of my favorite new rubs this year. It's seriously good on chicken, pork, and probably even roadkill, lol.

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