Have ‘Que Will Travel

Planning on doing some tailgating this weekend and need to take some BBQ with you?  Well, you could take your precious smoker to the stadium risk damage or possibly even theft of your precious baby.  Or you could cook your BBQ in the comfort of your own home and use this little trick for transporting your BBQ creation. You can easily create a warming box, all you need is an ice chest, heavy-duty aluminum foil and couple of clean towels or newspaper. Here I have a styrofoam cooler from an online steak company, not going to say which one because this box was the best part of the order.

If are using and ice chest and would like to preheat the cooler, heat up 2-4 cups of water in the microwave and then pour it into the cooler and close the lid for 15-20 minutes.  Pour out the water, wipe it dry and place your meat in the cooler.

Once the meat is done cooking, take it off the smoker and double wrap with heavy-duty aluminum foil. 
Now wrap it again with the towels or newspaper.  I usually use 2 kitchen towels.

Place your wrapped meat in the cooler and close the lid.  That’s it; your meat will be safe and warm for 3-5 hours. 

So there you go, now you can transport your tasty ‘Que so you can spend more time hanging with your friends and enjoying your cooking.  This is also a handy trick for those rare occasions your meat is done early.  Happy Tailgating!

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  1. I have some of those coolers too and they work great for thawing out briskets and butts in a controlled environment. I use one for thawing and one for keeping after the cook like yours.

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