Bacon Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon

I love a good burger.  I eat at least one burger a week out but sometimes that fast food burger is not enough and when it isn’t I have to fire up the grill and take matters into my own hands.
It was Wednesday when I started planning my burger menu.  I contemplated if I wanted to make a green chile cheeseburger, the chorizo burger, a plain American cheese burger.  I finally decided to make a blue cheese burger with bacon.  My intention was to just make a really good burger, but as you can see I got a little carried away.

Bacon Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon
I’m blaming it all on the bacon because that’s where things started getting out of control.  Instead of a simple strip or three of bacon on the burger, I decided to make a lattice of bacon, then cut the lattice into squares and top the burger.  After weaving the first lattice of bacon I decided, aw what the hell, and weaved another lattice, 2 whole packages of bacon.

Bacon Lattice Weaving 101
I really lost it when I started forming the patties.  I used a really nice ground chuck, 80% lean.  80% lean does sound healthier than 20% fat right?  I bought 3.5 pounds and only made 5 patties.  I was expecting some shrinkage, yah well that didn’t happen. 

Bacon on the grill
To be sure these burgers were fully loaded with flavor I fired up the Big Green Egg.  There is nothing better than the smoky flavor of mesquite charcoal and beef.  And of course I seasoned them with my BBQ Rub.  I cooked many a burger trying to perfect my BBQ Rub, but it is times like this all that hard work and research paid off.  You can’t see it under that giant lattice of bacon and cheese, but it’s there.

Burgers on the Big Green Egg
For the cheese I used blue cheese and swiss.  I cover the smoky beefy patty with the blue cheese then covered it with a slice of swiss to hold it all in place.  Since there’s already ½ a pig of bacon on this burger a little slice of swiss cheese really ain’t going to matter.

Bacon Blue Cheese Burger
This burger is by far the most over the top thing I have ever cooked. I have to tell you that first bite was almost magical.  The fresh bun, the crunch of the bacon, the tang of the blue cheese all mixed together with the mesquite kissed beef it was true burger awesomeness.  I can’t decide which was more fun, making this burger or eating it.  Cheryl call it a meal of debauchery that culminated in a bacon orgy.  I feel so dirty.

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  1. yea, but you ate the whole thing, din't cha? haha. I saw a cooking article about taking the bleu cheese and putting it between two patties. woa. would have to haul that one with a mule…my mouth watered just looking at this burger. enjoying the articles you write and the pics. Your ads on Fb are good.

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