All Fired Up

Once again it’s been a busy week.  I have been trying to get a blog post up but I cannot take a decent picture to save my butt lately. Fortunately, I went to the Fiery Foods and Barbeque Show this weekend so I have something to blog about that does not require any cooking photos. 

Do they make this suit for big guys?
Now that I’m in the barbeque biz I was able to go the show as an Attendee.  It was a lot of fun.  I met a lot of cool people and got to sample some tasty rubs and sauces.  I was amazed how willing people were willing to share their experiences with me.  I basically I said, “I just started my own business and I’m going to be competing with you” and the response was “Great, welcome to the party!”  How crazy is that? 
I did not get to try the new Scorpion Salsa from El Pinto, the scorpion pepper is the world’s hottest pepper that made its debut this weekend, but I did get to taste a lot of spicy rubs, sauces, nuts, popcorn, jellies, pickles and chocolate cake.  The variety of food products was phenomenal.  The most interesting thing I tried was a habanero and chocolate infused olive oil from the Nine Del Lobo.  It’s not for sale just yet, but I will be stalking it until it is.  I also bought a lot of stuff, there will be no shortage of blogging topics provided I can take a decent cooking picture.
Anna & Greg from Apple Canyon.  
Are you ready for the best part of the show?  My AlbuKirky Seasonings BBQ Rub was on sale at the show. I was talking with Greg and Anna from Apple Canyon on Friday night and they offered to sell my spice for me.  They didn’t even bottle it for me, yet they offered to sell it for me?  What’s up with all these people?  They give me free advice, welcome me to the business and then sell my spice for me?  Are these people insane or have I been working in the wrong industries all these years??
I had such a great time at the show that I plan on being there next year selling my stuff.  Maybe I’m still on an endorphin high, but I’m committed now. I’ve got a lot of work to do, get more spices and sauces blended, develop an eye catching label, and most important work on my sales pitch.  The sales pitch is the only thing that scares me, but the reason I started this little venture was to develop my selling skills.  The next twelve months is going to be exciting and I will be telling you all about it.
Since we’re talking about my BBQ Rub. Grilling season is fast approaching; do you have a bottle of AlbuKirky Seasonings BBQ Rub yet?  If not you can save 10% on your order at my store, using the coupon code BLOG at check out.

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