Practice Part II

OK, I’m a day late with my posting, but better late than never right?  The “Testgiving” was fun and good practice. ( “testgiving” is a term my sister in law coined, but since she does not follow my blog I’m stealing it. ) The turkey was delicious but the drippings were a little too saltly which made the gravy too salty as well.  I’m not sure if the drippings were salty from the brine or from my seasoning I rubbed on the the turkey.  Oh and we forgot the cranberry sauce, don’t know how the hell that happened.  I’m really glad we had this “Testgiving”, we cannot afford mistakes l like this come game time.  Mistakes aside it was still pretty tasty and we ate it any way.  Like I said before I eat my mistakes.

Here’s the turkey before I took it of the BGE.  It was an 18lb bird and it cooked in about 3 hours at 300 degrees. I used Royal Oak Lump Charcoal and added pecan and maple chips several times during the cooking.  The maple and pecan chips added a nice mild smokey flavor that blended well with my seasoning rub.

Turkey on the BGE

Last shot before slicing.

Went a little crazy with the gravy but it was still delicious.

Overall the Testgiving was a success we had a good meal and had a fun critiquing the meal while we ate it.  Thanksgiving in only a month away, I’m looking forward to doing this all again, but this time we’ll have the cranberry sauce.

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