It’s Effing Science

I have decided to start a business selling my BBQ Spice mix and since I recently lost my job I’ve got a lot of time to focus on it.  I have a spice mix recipe that I have been developing over the past several years and I think I finally have recipe I can sell.  I have been giving away a lot of free samples to my friends and family and they all seem to like it.  I’m about to find out if people who don’t know me like it well enough to give me money, the true test of a good product.

 I found a company that will blend my spice for me, Rocky Mountain Spice out of Denver. I’m very happy with the quality of the product and they have been very helpful. I decided to go with them because of the non disclosure agree and they have also been nice enough to send me samples.  I have sent them two recipes, the original recipe was a little heavy on the salt, so I cut back on the salt and made a few other changes and sent them another recipe.  So they mixed me up another sample and mailed it to me, sweet.

Now my wife Cheryl and I were having a disagreement on which recipe was better, She like the original recipe and I preferred the other.  This is where the science comes in,  a taste test qualify as science, right?  So last night I cooked 4 chicken breast and seasoned two with the original recipe and the other two with the revised recipe. I seasoned all of the chicken equally and grilled them on my gas grill, I didn’t want to use the egg, because I didn’t want the smoke from the charcoal to distort the flavor of the seasoning.  We each ate 1/2 a breast of both recipes and discussed our conclusion.  And the winner was?  The revised recipe with less salt.  I won! I was right! Booyah!  A rare moment in our 16 year marriage so I need to gloat.  We both agreed we could taste more of the spices in the new recipe, the original recipe was good, it was just too salty. 

Now the recipe dispute is settled all I need now is to design a label and find a place to sell it online, we’ll be in business.  I will post all the information here once I get it all together. Stay tuned!

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