Sous Vide Corned Beef

We’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate food, however, the month of March is a bit short on legitimate lick-your-lips and stuff-your-belly food holidays. Spring break? I have to work, I don’t get a spring break. Nothing to celebrate there. First day of spring? That’s not really a holiday and in NM the First … More Sous Vide Corned Beef

Sous Vide Cooking

I’ve got a new cooking toy. No, I didn’t get a new smoker. However, it is a slow cooker and a lot cheaper than the Pit Master Cabinet Smoker I’ve been dreaming about. ┬áSince you’ve probably already looked at the pic below, I won’t keep you in suspense. It’s a sous vide machine. Now you’re … More Sous Vide Cooking