A few months I had a giveaway on the AlbuKirky Seasonings Facebook Page. (Note if you want to win free stuff, check out my FB page)  I selected the winners and sent them a couple of bottles of rubs. One of the winners was Firehouse Chef, Dewey Atkocaitis.  Little did I know that 2 little … More Dew-Sagna

Give it Away Now

If you’ve wanted to try my rubs here’s your chance. This weekend I’m doing a giveaway on my Facebook page.  All you have to do is visit my Facebook page and leave a comment on giveaway photo, On Monday April 30 I will randomly choose 3 lucky grillers to receive a 2 bottles of rub, … More Give it Away Now

Ribs in Real Time!

I’ve really been slacking on my blogging duties lately. To make up for my recent lack of content, today’s blog post is going to be in real time.  Like when Apple announces a new iPhone the tech blogs post real time pictures and comments, I though it would be cool to try it with a … More Ribs in Real Time!

We’re Going Green

Yes we’re going green, but were not saving the planet.  I’m going save you from bland and boring food with my latest rub.  The new Green Chile Rub features the spicy fruitiness of Hatch Green Chile blended with sea salt, garlic, black pepper and some other secret spices. Green Chile Rub Although this rub is … More We’re Going Green