Just Brine It!

Turkey Rule #1 – Brine your turkey. Turkey Rule #2 – Brine your turkey. For the last two years I have been proselytizing the benefits brining of your Thanksgiving turkey and I’m going to do it again right now.  My coworkers have been asking me all week long for turkey baking tips and my response … More Just Brine It!

All You Do is Brine

Are you ready for some TURKEY?  I sure am.  Although I just had turkey a few weeks ago I’m ready for some more.  Even as I type this blog I’m visualizing the cooking of the Thanksgiving bird.  Just like when I’m playing golf I try to visualize each shot, I envision a perfect turkey that … More All You Do is Brine

The Dreaded Potluck

This week we had a progressive potluck at work to celebrate Mardi Gras.  I have been dreading this potluck for the last two weeks.  I could not decide what meat I was going to bring.  After days of contemplating and discussing the topic ad nauseam with Cheryl, I finally decided on pulled pork seasoned with … More The Dreaded Potluck