The Quesadilla Burger

It wouldn’t be Memorial Day weekend without a good burger and you all know how much I love a good burger.  For the last two weeks I was trying to come up with a new burger to make for the official start of summer…I wanted something unique and delicious.  I had been kicking around an idea for a quesadilla burger for a while and decided it was time make my burger dream a food reality.
Quesadilla Burger
Stuff You Will Need:
Cooking Burgers on the Disc-It
Ground Chuck 80/20
Package of Small Flour Tortillas
Manchego Cheese or Monterey Jack
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
4 Jalapenos
½ Red Onion Chopped
3 Cloves of Garlic
Starting with the 80/20 ground chuck I made some large thin patties, about 1/3 of pound each.  I made them big and skinny so they would be almost the same size as the tortilla and cooked them up on the Disc-It. I really like cooking burgers on the disc because its similar to a flattop griddle and makes a great diner style burger.
 After cooking the burgers I wiped out the disc and started cooking the jalapenos, onions and garlic in the disc in a little bit of the drippings.  I sautéed the jalapeno and onions till the onions were translucent.
Sautéing Jalapenos, Onions & Garlic on the Disc-It
I placed a tortilla down on the griddle and topped with a cheese blend of sharp cheddar and manchego cheese. Then added the burger patty.
Building the Quesadilla Burger on the Disc
Topped the burger patty with jalapenos, cheese and then with the second tortilla.  I continued cooking until the cheese melted then flipped and cooked until all the cheese was gooey like on a grilled cheese sandwich.
Quesadilla Burgers on the Disc-It
This was my first attempt at making this burger.  I originally wanted to make this burger with a quesadilla on each side of the patty, but I thought that might be too much tortilla and the burger would just slide around between the tortillas. All and all it was a very tasty burger, but what’s not to love about beef and cheese between two pieces of bread.

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