Cheaper Than Therapy

Although I try to only post the biggest and best of my gastronomic creations it can be tough act to follow.  I really enjoy the challenge of trying to top my last meal, but the majority of the things I cook are quick and simple meals. Like these catfish filets I grilled after work one evening this week.

These are just some catfish filets seasoned with my seasoning and grilled on my Weber gas grill.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Egg but sometimes I just want to grill something and eat.  Besides, I have some serious R&D going on in my backyard, I need to test my recipes on gas grills, charcoal and my disc. I suffer for my meat.

The best thing about this meal, besides the left overs, was it reminded me how much fun I have grilling.  Firing up the grill and throwing some fish on is very therapeutic. When I’m cooking I forget everything that is going on and just focus on cooking, weather it’s a bowl of oatmeal or 15lb brisket.  Grilling, it’s cheaper than therapy.

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